Self-discovery and mastery through surfing

Introduction to Central California Surfing

Join Dyana King for a day of surfing and self-discovery. We will leverage the power of the ocean and the thrill of riding waves to explore our beliefs about personal performance and mastery. When you step into the Pacific Ocean, you are stepping into the largest wilderness on our planet; as you paddle out to the lineup, the ocean invites you to participate in and receive its awesome energy. Our surf adventure will have two components. One component will focus on the physical aspects of surfing. The other component is all about self-discovery and personal performance.

Dyana King is a certified professional coach and an avid surfer. Her approach to performance coaching focuses on the energetic state of her clients and supports them in increasing their awareness of the multiple influences that impact performance. We will explore the concepts of having an outcome orientation versus having a mastery orientation and how our state of mind impacts our experience. By combining the inside-out with outside-in approaches and with the ocean as our playground, you are practically guaranteed a day of fun, physical challenge, mental clarity, and maybe even spiritual growth.


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