Transition Coaching

Flow through your transition and align to your deepest values


Perhaps you woke up one day and uttered the proverbial “is this all there is?” If so, you are not alone. I have met hundreds of seemingly highly successful people who are secretly unfulfilled and even miserable with their job and/or life. Many of us focus so much of our precious energy living up to standards imposed on us by the status quo, we have little awareness we are even doing it.

I’ll help you uncover your hidden beliefs, assumptions and interpretations about yourself and the world at large that are holding you apart from your true potential. The level of awareness you’ll achieve amplifies and reveals choices that were previously obscured.

  • Awareness equals choice and having choices frees you up to make small but meaningful adjustments to your approach or to embark on a complete overhaul of your life or career.
    Sound overwhelming? It’s not, I’ll help you develop an action plan that is in alignment with your true values and deepest aspirations. It’s the difference between making a living and making a life. People who master this are among the most successful and fulfilled people on the planet.
  • Are you a business professional who is feeling isolated and powerless to truly affect positive change at work? Are you thinking that one more generic leadership-training program just won’t cut it? It’s probably because you intuitively know that real change comes from the inside out. I can help you align your actions with your true values. We are not talking mere change here, this is about transformation.
  • Perhaps you already have a sense of your own energy and empowerment and are looking to optimize or achieve mastery in a personal or professional endeavor. Working together, we will develop a customized approach that enables you to perform without thinking, without worrying, and without hesitation and fear.



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