Recruiters’ Round Table

Increase consciousness in yourself and your organization

Recruiters’ Round Table is a sanctuary of sanity for recruiters. It’s a place to connect with and learn from recruiting peers in a structured and confidential forum that focuses on balance and bringing your whole self to work. If you are feel like you could benefit from more balance, less stress and deeper alignment to your professional purpose, this group is for you.

There’s no shortage of training resources available to help recruiters perform better in their job, plenty of courses on how to leverage big data to source passive candidates or how to become a top notch cyber-sleuth. Skill-based training is necessary to stay sharp and competitive, but this group isn’t about increasing external skills. This group is about cultivating your internal skills that are necessary to execute all the external skills in a sustainable and fulfilling way. If you are a recruiter in the Bay Area it’s likely you have:

  • felt burnt-out from too many open jobs and too few qualified candidates
  • felt disillusioned about how many of the recruiting process reduces human beings to a commodity
  • weary of  unrealistic hiring managers and/or delusional candidates
  • lost sight of how shuffling thousands of resumes a week is really helping move an organization’s mission forward

I’ve been in the technical recruiting business since 1989 and I have seen the tremendous changes that have occurred in this space. The Recruiters’ Round Table convenes monthly and is facilitated in accordance with a modern coaching orientation.  We use the principles of Energy Leadership Index assessment to benchmark our growth and development.

Being in community with recruiting peers will benefit you in profound ways. Human beings are wired to collaborate, cooperate and co-create. By joining a Recruiters’ Round Table you are joining a group of like-minded peers who are mutually committed to supporting, sharing and holding space for learning. Think of it as your own private Advisory Board concerned with you, your career as a recruiter and your professional fulfillment.

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