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Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a different kind of personal assessment. Most assessments are personality based, the results categorize you according to a specific type.

The ELI assessment is different, it does not pigeon-hole you and leave you to function within the strengths and weaknesses of a prescribed type.

Instead, the ELI measures your unique energy signature and your current and potential ability to lead yourself as well as others to meaningful action.

There are seven levels of energy, or, consciousness represented in the ELI assessment. Your energetic level is noted as your Average Resonating Level (ARL). Your ARL is analogous to a stock in the market. Stocks fluctuate during trading and close at new prices that reflect that day’s activity.

As humans, we’re a bit like stocks with our energy going up or down all day long. Thoughts and feelings such as non-judgement and joy raise the price of your stock. Their counterparts, like victimization and anger, can easily lower stock value.

Each thought contributes a specific energy pattern to the energy field of our being. There are no idle thoughts. All thoughts have an energetic consequence. Increasing your awareness around your personal ARL is the fast track to personal and professional transformation.

The ELI assessment forms the foundation of our coaching work together.  All coaching and roundtable packages include the assessment. The ELI assessment is available on its own for $349.

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